Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil

We took on the taboo by creating a microsite dedicated to palm oil.

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The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is an international nonprofit organization that develops standards and drives demand for sustainable palm oil. When grown according to RSPO standards, a space is created where oil palm agriculture, the environment and local communities can co-exist in harmony. The RSPO works with internationally recognized non-profits, NGOs, growers, government bodies and many globally influential brands and leaders, all with a single focus: to to help sustainable palm oil become the norm.

Measuring the Impact

Stay tuned! We just launched the consumer site and we are in the process of collecting consumer & impact data.

“We bring wine pairing home.”

Challenge & Objective

Together, we partnered with RSPO to build a consumer landing page that would open dialogue around sustainable palm oil and the palm oil industry. Simultaneously, the partnership sought to inform and empower conscious consumers to demand certified sustainable palm oil in the products they know and love. Our challenge? Each multiple consumer types –  including those who’ve already taken a stance on palm oil – get the attention of those who might not know or don’t currently care about the issue, and activate those willing to consider an alternate perspective.

Our Solution

  1. RipplEffect designed and deployed an interactive, 3D educational consumer site showing palm oil’s hidden role in our daily lives. The site also addressed the “hard truths” about the space, not shying away from the issues or covering them up. Ultimately, the initiative created a vision of the positive impact that’s possible when we promote sustainable palm oil.
Spoken Words

We always shoot for happy clients. When we have results to share, we’ll update them here.


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