Stone Castle Wines

Introduce a European vineyard with a 70-year heritage of sustainability to U.S. markets.

Organic Sustainability Certification | Brand Development | Digital Content Creation | Social Media


RipplEffect was tapped to launch the US division of Europe’s tenth-largest vineyard, Stone Castle Vineyards & Winery, located in Kosovo. With a focus on the wine’s commitment to sustainable farming practices, creating awareness for a brand completely unknown in the U.S., and rapidly building sales in the Tri-state region were imperatives.

Measuring the Impact


Awareness Increase

Activated consumers by creating an audience growth rate of 23% week-over-week and an average engagement rate of 4.2% per post, through social media and PR engagement.


Varietals Certified

Successfully certified Stone Castle as both Vegan and Organic, opening up new sales channels and a 2x price increase for natural wine vendors.


OPEX Decrease

Decreased operating expenses + raw material costs through implementing minimal waste + recycling, green energy and water conservation initiatives.

Challenge & Objective

Our objective was threefold: develop a captivating brand identity and channel marketing campaigns to showcase Stone Castle’s commitment to sustainable farming practices, gain space on distributor partner shelves in the organic, biodynamic, and natural wine category, build a presence and identity for this luxury wine brand both online and through print materials at event sponsorships and partnerships.

Our Solution

  1. Positioned Stone Castle within the organic-certified, vegan wine category, and garnered shelf space among natural organic wines
  2. Updated branding and marketing assets for 20 wines and spirits in 3 distinct brand families from Albanian to English
  3. Conducted research and developed strategies to gain proper retail placement for introducing this luxury organic wine and penetrating the U.S. market
Spoken Words

“The team at RipplEffect tastefully transitioned a legacy vineyard into a United States market entry, creating poignant materials to begin distribution.”

Bruce, Stone Castle Communications Director


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